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Pigeon Feed

I did think about posting this image in colour, but in black and white it just seemed more interesting. Obviously the absence of colour draws your attention to the subject but it also makes you really think about what you’re looking at. And usually there is a timeless element, although in this instance the appearance of the mobile phone and the Boots shopping bag clearly date it.

People refer to the pigeons in London as flying rats and the mess they make does irritate, but when you see them like this you realise they’re just trying to get on in this busy world like the rest of us.

I’m still experimenting with my black and white conversions so I’d really appreciate your thoughts. If you’re interested, I did ask these guys if I could take their picture and after explaining they didn’t need to smile for the camera they just carried on regardless.

(I’ve entered this image into the Digital Picture of Britain competition. Vote for me here if you like it. Thanks)