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Through The Eye Of A Holga

I spent most of my weekend with family, but also with one of these within reach. I suspect I will have some odd shots when I get the film developed and I’m going to post the results. This shot was taken with my Canon, but through the view finder of the Holga.

Absolut and Lomo recently launched a project to invite budding photographers to post creative images to a Photo Wall. They had over 27,000 entries in three months and you can see the results here at The Absolut Lomo Project. The competition is closed now, but take a look at the Top Ten as there are some great images taken straight from film – with no Photoshop in sight!

Anyway, I bagged a camera to help promote it a little, but I’ve also got one Holga Starter Kit to give away. So stayed tuned this week and I’ll think of a cunning way to let you get your hands on it.