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Queen’s View

Update: Chookooloonks got there first, so she’s getting all the prints, sorry to those that missed it. Just hang on for more spares I may come across.

Update: It’s horrible wet weather today so I’m stuck inside having a bit of de-clutter. In one of my many boxes I stumbled across some LONDONRUBBISH prints that’ll never get around to framing, so thought I’d just give them away here. There’s three 10×8″ prints; Ram, The Time Traveller’s Wife and Inspiration.

The first to ask nicely gets all three. Simply as that.

Happy New Year to you all, belated as it is. I want to thank everyone for the comments you posted last year and also apologise for my lack of response. Towards the end of 2006 I wasn’t posting as often as I wanted, mainly due to work pressures, but also because I was having a bit of a creative lull. I hope to rectify at least one of those in 2007.

This shot was taken from Queen’s View in Pitlochry, Scotland just up the road from where I spent my New Year’s Eve.