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Another from the archives. Taken in Pisa last year, I’ve always liked this shot, but had many others from the holiday that were better. I really struggled to steer clear of blue skies, especially after yesterday’s comment from Ade.

Update: Thanks for the comments on this everyone. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response. The colouring of this shot was pretty much like this from the camera, I just enhanced it a little and added a vignette.

In RAW processing I did the following:

  • raised the Colour Temperature to a 8400K.
  • set the White Balance Tint to 0.
  • set the Colour Contrast to 10.
  • set the Colour Saturation to 4.0%.
  • added a *very* slight S curve.

In Photoshop I did the following:

  • added a very slight S Curve again.
  • added a reverse S Curve on the Blue Channel (A trick learnt from Dave [chromasia])
  • darkened the Reds and reduced the Greens with a Selective Colour Layer
  • added a Vignette

Most of the change was from warming the shot by raising the Colour Temp. to 8400K.

I hope that helps.