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Gum Street Art

This is Ben at work and I suppose you could call him a street artist.

He goes around London, Camden in this instance, painting onto chewing gum that he finds on the pavement. (He burns the top layer off first.)

When people stop and talk to him, as I did, he gets them to write a message in his notebook. Then he’ll go off and paint that message onto another piece of gum which then becomes your little piece of gum. And the cycle continues. So soon, hopefully, a “londonrubbish.com – All Over London” message will be immortalised onto a piece of gum somewhere in London. I didn’t really get to bottom of why he was doing it, but he did say it was about connecting people. Oh and by painting on the gum, not the pavement, he’s not actually breaking the law.

Hopefully he’ll come visit and leave a comment. Cool huh?