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The Fishes

Over the weekend I came to the realisation that trying to post an image every day is going to prove tricky and time consuming. And whilst I was looking back through the archives at chromasia I happened upon this comment from David.

First and foremost, chromasia is a means to an end, the end being better photography on my part. And posting the best shots that I can take day after day certainly addresses that aim, but it’s starting to wear me down a little.

I too started my photoblog to help me improve my photography and I want to post images that I’m proud of or images that mean something to me. I’m not just going to post an image because the next day looms. So, especially at the weekends, if I manage to take the camera out and take a shot I’m happy with I will post it. But I’m not going to force myself. (I did actually get some shots this weekend, but I’m saving those for another day.)

On that note here’s one from the archive. Taken a while ago at the fish counter in Selfridges with my old Sony DSC-V1. I think these are Snapper, but unless it’s in batter and comes with chips I’m not so genned up on my fish.