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A New Day

Happy New Year!

I’d like to thank all of you that visited the site in 2005 and especially those that gave me feedback, help and guidance with all things camera and Photoshop related. I’ve really learnt a lot in the last six months not only from your comments, but also from the other great photoblogs out there. In 2006, I hope I continue to post images that prompt you to tell me what you think.

Update: I’ve entered this image into the Photo Friday Challenge. I spotted the relatively mundane scene, captured it well with the camera and processed it well in Photoshop. For me, that makes it my ‘Best of 2005’.

There are so many great Photoblogs our there that I check everyday and there’s always something that inspires me, or makes me sit up and think. But if I had to pick my ‘Five from 2005’ they would be…
1. MUTE – Photoblog
2. photoflavour
3. chromasia.com
4. Mystery Me
5. jimbus.org

They all consistently post great images that just make me want to get better.