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Not Another Sunset

“Not another sunset!?” I hear you cry.

Ok, so I lied. I said yesterday’s post would be the last from the Isle of Wight set and although I did have other shots I could have put up today it just didn’t seem right to break the series at the end of the week. So here’s the same sunset, further down the beach, about 30 minutes later. It was actually the last shot I took. Then I warmed my hands on a good coffee and stuffed my face with a bad Mars bar.

I’d be interested to know which one you prefer? For me, yesterday’s, by a long way.

Update: As canon-craig has asked and you all commented on the colours in this shot, I thought I’d post the original, before Photoshop touched it. In Photoshop the image was straightened and cropped slightly then I applied an S Curve, Selective Color and a Hue/Saturation layer.