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The Sunset

Nothing worthwhile posting today so I thought I’d show you this. It was taken a while ago in Hyde Park on the night I took this picture. I’ve boosted the colours slightly using a Selective Color layer and adjusted the top and bottom of the image with separate Curves layers, but it’s pretty much how it looked straight from the camera.

It’s just a “nice” picture.


  1. Fantastic shot mate, the colours are fantastic. I love that sky, and the water too, looks so smooth. Very nicely processed, could easily have been overdone.

  2. Ade

    That’s safely over the ‘Sunset Quality Threshold’, so you’re allowed to post it.

    Seriously, it’s fantastic.

  3. dad

    This is serenity at its best. Outstanding Sunset and unusual cloud formation, any meteologists out there can put names to the clouds.

  4. John [shots]


  5. The sky is great, it looks like it is painted. The brushstrokes are so great. And warm colours with the little bit of sun that is left. Great photo all together.

  6. I think this is going to be one very popular shot. Superb.

  7. Jem

    I see what you mean Mark! That’s a stunning shot. I unfortunately missed an opportunity yesterday – just as I got out of my car, a heron flew across the lake, and just added a perfect touch to the image. The swans on this shot add that lovely touch to it – great work! :)

  8. Yep, this is lovely. I like the colours and the way the birds add some real depth to the scene.

  9. dp

    If this ain’t worthwhile then I wonder what is! :-) Normally clouds show some sort of directional consistency and a pic of such clouds may not feel all that great. But this one is outstanding, it looks more like the bottom half is a photograph while the top-half has been painted (or messed around in with Photoshop)!

  10. Superb colours in the sky and the water. The ripples in the water looks so soft & inviting!!

  11. Mark [londonrubbish]

    Thanks for the comments on this everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty fussy with my sunsets, but I was probably over critical of this when I originally took it.

    dp: After RAW conversion, there really was a minimal amount of Photoshop used. Here’s the untouched original straight from the camera.

    I really have no qualms about using Photoshop to enhance the colour and tone of images as I believe this is comparable to what film photographers do in the traditional dark room. Although, I do think that there is a point where a photograph becomes digital art, but if the artist is honest about it, and the end result is an image you enjoy, then I’m happy.

  12. Ade

    Hey mark. Good work on posting the original – I know we’ve talked mano a mano about our thoughts on photoshopping, and I think you’ve very neatly illustrated how sensitive use of the ‘shop can make an image sing. The original is a cracking picture on its own merits but has a degree of flatness I often find in my own digital pics. Your tweaks have really brought out the soul of the image. Your comment comparing it to film practices is pretty spot on too – the difference between original and retouched is close to the difference between using cheap superstore film and Fuji Velvia. Keep ’em coming mate. I’ll be snapping at your heels any day now!

  13. Holy cr*p… thats a great great photo. Something to aspire to!

  14. This is a simply fantastic shot! I love the detail in the reflection on the water.

  15. That’s a wicked shot! It’s one to frame. Simply gorgeous :-)

  16. Wow!
    Wonderful photo!
    Both color and perspective is so beautiful.
    I love this photo.

  17. Fantastic. What a great view. The colors are truely amazing.

  18. Lovely, lovely shot. I especially like the painterly sky and the reflections of the light are just awesome!

  19. nice photoshop work!

  20. Wow, very impressive colors. The swans really make the shot unique. Great work.

  21. Well, everyone else has said what an amazing shot it is, so I guess I should too! Amazing! :o) Very calm and relaxing. Certainly no London Rubbish there.

  22. Very nice! Lovely feeling to this.

  23. Nice picture – nice use of Photoshop to enhance a good photograph.

  24. Very beautiful – the colours are really nice.

  25. Dan

    Wa-ow! An absolutely magnificant sky, just beautiful. I love the reflection in the water, contrasted by the birds.

  26. amazing, love the feel of it and the textures of the clouds and the water.

  27. An amazing sunset. Great colours. Really nice photo.

  28. Mat

    The original is low saturate and low contrast, and I like it too. You chose good moment of sunset for the shot.

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