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The Light Fantastic

I spent my Friday evening in Piccadilly Circus just people watching and looking for non-obvious opportunities. Every time I framed a shot I’d end up with a photoblogger in my view. They were everywhere! I’m just assuming they were bloggers, who isn’t these days? I think it was the Manfrottos, Canons and Nikons that gave it away. So I got nothing worth posting.

Then over the weekend I was stuck indoors during the glorious weather. So I got nothing to post.

Finally on Sunday night I grabbed my kit, jumped on a train and headed into central London. I wanted to get some shots of the Keith Haring Sculptures, but the River Terrace was closed so I just strolled into the courtyard at Somerset House and realised I was the only one there. I know it’s another tourist shot, but I just couldn’t resist. Shoot me.

(I’ve entered this image into the Digital Picture of Britain competition. Vote for me here if you like it. Thanks)