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Listen With Your Eyes

Having had a long break from walking around London with the camera, it was interesting to start afresh at the weekend. I found that my attention to detail wasn’t quite as good, I got unecessarily distracted by things that I would have normally filtered out and I meandered about without any real direction.

In the past I’d get an idea or pass a subject on the way to work, returning later in the day with real focus. I would then concentrate on achieving a particular look with the right light or sit and wait for the right moment to pass. Unbeknown to me I’d built up a skill at getting a relatively good image in a short space of time. So while out with the camera this weekend I was happily unware of the fact, but looking back over the shots I’ve captured it’s struck me that I’ve got out of practice.

It was humbling to realise you can’t just pick up a camera, surround yourself with inspiration and get a good photograph.

Kind of how I felt when I started this.