1. This one’s going to get a lot of comments I am sure. Superb, and the title sums it up perfectly. Love the crop and the colours are prefect.

  2. Fabulous. Makes my feet go all tingling;-)

  3. I was in London the other day on Business and I noticed that alot of the shops are starting to put in their Christmas decorations. With the evenings getting darker earlier, I saw a few great shots and wish I had my camera on me to capture a shot like this. The light inside this building give a real warm feeling.

  4. zac

    awesome shot. i love the the symmetry and colors. the brick patten is so bold – and really offsets the warm glow from the windows. very nice. i wonder what’s going on behind that shade…

  5. Another beautiful one. The colors in this series are fantastic.

  6. This shot’s brilliant, feels like window shopping.

  7. hily from japan

    lovely. im missing london.

  8. Dan

    Love it. Great warmth and symmetry in the shot (I’m a sucker for that!) I particularly like the simplicity here – I love the idea of windows into people’s lives, wondering what’s going on in there. I make up my own stories and fantasies, my ideals take over and warmth takes over my body…

  9. What a great site your pictures are well composed, I do like you way of posting sets of different types of shots. will drop bye again.

  10. Wonderful processing on this shot :-)

  11. mark, you nailed this one perfectly. i even have to comment on the alarm box on the botton right hand corner… this crop is superb, as is the warmth of the lighting. well done for spotting and capturing what you saw.

  12. Ben

    Will you stop posting such great colours! The colouring of the black/red bricks with the different coloured lighting is very attention grabbing.

  13. Mark [londonrubbish]

    Thanks for all the comments on this one everyone. It has proved to me that I really should trust my own judgement. I really like this image, but before posting wasn’t sure whether others would. I was happily proved wrong.

    I now feel compelled to let you know that this image went through some pretty heavy processing to repair the keystoning distortion. Here’s the original straight from camera shot.

    Now, purists would obviously frown at this kind of manipulation, but it doesn’t really bother me. The image produced is a true representation of what my eye saw, I just couldn’t record it with the camera. I did look at the building opposite and consider asking the shop below if I could go upstairs, but it’s unlikely they would have let me. If you really look there are some flaws in the transform I applied, but the building is old and the minor wobbles go unnoticed.

    Once I’d straightened the image I applied a curves layer, a selective colour layer to boost the reds and yellows and a slight saturation boost for screen.

    So, there you go. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, especially whether me showing the original shot lessens your fondness of the final result.

    canon-craig: I’m pleased you noticed the alarm box, I didn’t think anyone would.

  14. zac

    lessons my fondness?! why? quite the opposite is true. it makes me realize how skilled you are. that perspective fix is a difficult one to pull off. well done!

  15. Mark, I think what you have done is pefectly aceptable. The main thing is that you are not adding something to it that was not realy there.

  16. I have no objections at all to the post-processing. As zac said, this displays a level of skill that many of us, myself included, can’t begin to approach. Very nicely done.

  17. great title and shot!

  18. Rob

    great sight on these cold days!

  19. Perspective cropping and morphing takes time to master, and you’ve done quite well looking at the original.

  20. KK

    what a great shot! I love the colour and the pattern. fantastic capture!

  21. Simon

    Thsi is a great shot – and the transform is remarkable. Love it!
    Very well noticed and applied.

  22. great shot taken at the right angle! lovely!

  23. q

    excellent shot! love the colours, and no objections from me on post-processing, certainly.

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